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Ticks and Fleas

Medfly Healthcare Parashield spray for Ticks and Fleas

Medfly Healthcare Parashield spray for Ticks and Fleas

Introducing Parashield Spray: Unleash the Power of Effective Flea and Tick Control

Experience the ultimate solution for acute flea, tick, and chewing lice infestations in your cherished dogs and cats with Parashield Spray. Say goodbye to the nuisance of pests and embrace the power of rapid results, reduced drug exposure, and substantial cost savings.

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Key Features

1. Swift and Reliable Results: Parashield Spray offers rapid relief from acute flea, tick, and chewing lice infestations, ensuring your pets' comfort and well-being in no time.

2. Minimal Drug Exposure: Our advanced formula minimizes drug exposure while maximizing efficacy, safeguarding your pets' health with every application.

3. Cost-Effective Solution: Parashield Spray not only provides superior protection but also brings massive cost savings, making it the ideal choice for budget-conscious pet owners.

4. Accurate Delivery: With a precise dose rate of 3-6ml per kg of body weight (equivalent to 6-12 spray pumps per kg), Parashield Spray guarantees accurate delivery, ensuring your pets receive the right amount of protection.

5. Comprehensive Flea and Tick Control: Parashield Spray offers effective control against fleas and ticks for both dogs and puppies, making it an essential tool for maintaining your pets' health.

6. V-Shaped Equal Distribution: Our innovative design ensures a V-shaped equal distribution of power spray, maximizing the coverage of the drug on your pets' skin for enhanced efficacy.

How to Use

  • Divide your pet's body into 5 sections: left side, right side, back and tail, head and neck, chest belly and inside neck.
  • Ensure application in a well-ventilated area.
  • Adjust the spray nozzle for a controlled spray.
  • Gently ruffle your pet's fur before application for optimal penetration.
  • Apply the spray until the coat becomes wet on each side.

Dose Recommendation

  • Apply Parashield Spray every month for optimal results.
  • In cases of heavy tick infestations in cats and dogs, apply for two weeks.

Additional Information

  • Ensure your pet is completely dry before applying Parashield Spray, both before and after bathing.

Choose Parashield Spray to free your pets from the discomfort of pests, ensuring their well-being and happiness. Experience the transformation of your pets' lives as you bid farewell to fleas and ticks. Order Parashield Spray today and embark on a pest-free journey with your beloved furry companions.

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